Can the Virtual Gastric Band Technique Really Work?

by George Guarino, CH     Albany, New York

This is Not a Diet, it’s a new relationship with food.

I’m Certified Hypnotist George Guarino and as a hypnotist I’ve worked with many types of eaters.  Once my clients, with the help of their doctors, have ruled out organic problems for weight gain, what’s left are basically 2 types of over-eaters.  There are those that use food to distract from emotions, and those that have allowed old habits to pack on the pounds.  Portions, snacking, and unconscious eating are the culprits.

Here are just some of the reactions I’ve heard from clients as I’ve introduced them to Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Technique for weight loss.

The feeling is subtle yet powerful.  “I was so pleasantly surprised to sense the difference in my eating habits because I’m not hungry anymore.” “I feel comfortably full on less food and I’m conscious of what I eat as I put my fork down between bites.”  “I enjoy moving my body and looking forward to fitting into my dress for the reunion.”

Sheila Granger and George Guarino

Sheila Granger and George Guarino - With every weight loss report I get from clients, I'm so glad I learned this powerful technique.

Sheila Granger’s Virtual Gastric Band Technique works by conditioning the client to believe on a subconscious level that a gastric band has been placed around the top portion of the stomach, creating a golf-ball size pouch. This small pouch can fill comfortably very quickly.  It doesn’t take long to feel comfortably full this way.  As the client becomes use to not being hungry they have new freedom to make choices that lead to the weight loss they desire.

Hypnosis, a heightened state of suggestibility, is used to 1. Condition in the gastric band 2. Establish new habits like eating only three meals a day and smaller portions  3. Drinking plenty of water or non-caloric beverages, and 4. Visualizing/fantasizing yourself in the new clothes, at the goal weight, feeling the vibrant energy that comes with a slender body.

This is NOT a DIET, but rather a lifestyle change that clients find they enjoy adapting to because it is actually the proper way that living beings should take in nourishment, as they stop eating when they even think they are beginning to feel comfortably full, the weight comes off at a healthful rate.

Though I haven’t yet conducted the public group trials that Sheila recommends, I have used this system with most all of my 9 current weight loss clients.  Each has reported steady weight loss and a calmer sense of self.  They report being able to deal with the stresses of life more calmly and most importantly they report that the stresses they have had to deal with, which in the past would have triggered emotional eating, have not.  They report being kind of shocked and surprised that their old habits of using food as a coping mechanism have been forgotten or abandoned.

Certainly some have identified areas where they could do better and stick with the program more thoroughly, but this only goes to show how conscious they are about what they are putting into their bodies.  The mindless eating seems to be left in the past.  This technique has given them the control needed to make conscious decisions.  They notice if they feel they might get off course in time to get back on track easily.  It’s natural to get back to what really makes them feel good, and ultimately look good.  Remember this is NOT a DIET, it is a new relationship with food, one that is healthful and comfortable.

VGB Hot Air Balloon Reward

My client will get her Virtual Gastric Band hot air balloon ride reward sooner than she thought possible.

I want to share the success of my heaviest client.  Being a lifelong unsuccessful dieter, she came to me in mid-April at 390 lbs.  She described her look as that of a fat-lady at the circus.  Her hope was to be the weight she had been in college, 320 lb., which seemed reasonable to me.

She’s got a great personality, funny and sunny but with a hint of low self-esteem lurking in the background.  If she could only get to 350 lbs she was going to reward herself with a hot-air balloon ride over the Adirondack Mountains.  Well, after seeing her for her third visit last night, she’s off to making reservations for that ride!

Before she arrived I was a little concerned because we had mixed up the date and time of her third appointment and I sensed over the phone that she was a little distressed for having to put off this appointment for an extra week.   Anyway, when she arrived I immediately noticed the new, bright, colorful clothing that she had on.  When I commented on it she started beaming a huge smile.  Her hair even seemed more healthful looking than I remembered.  She couldn’t wait to tell me that the clothing was brand new.  Though she had initially been concerned about wearing it because it was such a vibrant rich blue, she had been getting positive comments on the outfit all day.

She was so bubbly reporting that the outfit was a couple sizes smaller than her old stuff and she had lost over 35 lbs since our first meeting.  This left only a couple pounds before she could fly away in her hot-air balloon.  Wow!

She sees a lot of doctors and a nutritionist so she filled me in on her visits and some personal modifications to her food intake.  She was gushing all kinds of positive news about what she had been doing and what she plans to do.  She told me that morbid-obesity for her height ends at 270 lbs and that was now her goal.  She has no doubt what-so-ever that she will be there sooner rather than later.  We did session three and if you could see the smile on her face as she mentally jumped into her slimmer, thinner, sensual personal movie, you’d know just like I do that she’s a winner.  It felt so good to be a small part of her success.  We agreed that hypnosis is all in the mind… and isn’t it wonderful that we have such a wonderful mind to work with.

I’m excited to share this technique with all who call for a free phone consultation at 518-256-6549.

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4 Responses to Can the Virtual Gastric Band Technique Really Work?

  1. Stuart Mundy says:

    George, this is great news! Congratulations to both your client and yourself for proving by this story that the virtual gastric band method is a safe and effective alternative for weight loss. I can feel her enthusiasm and envision her having a wonderful time up in the balloon!

    • Yeah Stuart the balloon ride is such a great reward for attaining her goal. It’s also such a great image for visualization. You really would have loved to see the smile on her face as I suggested her taking the trip she mentioned to me, over the mountains. She was right there living her dream. I hope she takes some photos to share from the actual trip. I feel so good for her. The band is working. G

  2. Fantastic news George. I so enjoyed the read and the result.

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