Gastric Band Hypnosis or Gastric Band Surgery

So now you are getting serious about losing weight and you are considering some more drastic measures like gastric band surgery. Why do I say drastic? Because, in my opinion, anytime you are considering a surgical procedure you are considering a drastic measure. And sometimes you choose a process that is life threatening because you feel that you have run out of options. If you haven’t yet considered gastric band hypnosis then you should look into this process for a number of reasons. I will go into a few of those in a moment. First I’d like to go over one of the basic principles of weight loss.

gastric band hypnosis

gastric band surgery or gastric band hypnosis

Weight loss is accomplished by using up more energy than you take in. Energy is commonly referred to as calories. So when you translate that into calorie speak, you want to eat less calories than you use up. Roughly speaking it takes about 3500 calories to equal a pound of weight. So if you expend the equivalent of 3500 calories of energy you will lose a pound of weight. Or if you eat 3500 less calories than you usually do you will also lose weight. That could mean eating 500 less calories a day and at the end of week you should be 1 pound lighter. Now that you know the basics we can get on with some of the specifics of the gastric band processes.

With gastric band surgery, a band is placed around the upper part of your stomach. This is done in an operating room with surgeons, doctors, and nurses in attendance. You will be given a general anesthetic and you will be sent to a recovery room when the procedure is all done. There will be a number of small incisions made in your stomach if laparoscopy is done or a large scar in your abdomen if it is done the old fashioned way. After your surgery your stomach will be altered to allow only a small amount of food to comfortably be handled by it.
If you eat too much you will get a major physical upset that is called dumping. This will remind you to eat smaller amounts of food and it can also remind you of how serious it is to have major surgery performed. The consequences become very upsetting.

There is a new alternative to gastric band surgery. It uses the images of the surgery to create a mental understanding that the surgery has taken place. The process involves using the your imagination in a very unique way. This gastric band hypnosis is a viable alternative to the actual gastric band surgery because in many cases the participants claim to feel a physical tightening in their stomach. This helps to remind them that they only can eat or they only want a small amount of food. And when you eat less food you will become lighter in weight.

You can find out more about group and individual programs at gastric band hypnosis in New York City, NY.

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