Marc Carlin Is Featured Guest At Premier Summits

Marc Carlin is the featured guest of the Premier Summits program dedicated to weight loss experts. Tom Nicoli, founder of World Hypnotism Day and Hypnosis Summits and now Premier Summits interviews Marc Carlin about his work with the Virtual Gastric Band.

Marc has been profiled by CBS News because of his ground breaking work in bringing the Virtual Gastric Band Program to the United States. Marc has been helping the developer of this program, Sheila Granger, to train other hypnotists and therapists in this new weight loss program that uses the concept of the surgical procedure and transforms it into an imaginary operation that yields surprising results. Sheila reports a 95% success rate in two separate test trials.

Tom Nicoli interviews Marc about this new weight loss phenomena along with 18 other weight loss experts for Premier Summits

If you are a therapist, hypnotist, or hypnotherapist, you too can train to use Sheila’s program to help your overweight patients and clients. For information on when and where the next training will be you can go to Virtual Gastric Band Training Class Seminar.

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One Response to Marc Carlin Is Featured Guest At Premier Summits

  1. Erika Slater says:

    Marc… congrats on your interview with Tom Nicoli at the Premier Summits program program and all the work you’ve done in helping to promote Sheila’s program in the U.S. The virtual gastric band procedure is offering a real alternative to weight loss surgery for so many people. The work is important.

    Erika Slater, CH

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