The Virtual Gastric Band – The New Weight Loss Tool

Many people struggle with being fat and overweight. So much so that a large industry has developed over the years just focused on helping you to lose weight. One of the methods developed for helping grossly overweight people lose weight is the gastric band surgery. There are different forms of gastric weight loss surgery and the band surgery is one method that ties off a portion of your stomach and creates a very tiny capacity stomach area.

This procedure is expensive and does have its dangers as with any surgical procedure, especially one that requires administering a general anesthetic. Many people are also turned away from having the surgery because you must meet certain strict requirements in order to be accepted into a program. And then there’s the necessity of following a very restrictive diet after the surgery. This diet is so restrictive that if not followed you can put your life in jeopardy from complications resulting from the surgery.

You can look over the diet that you are required to follow after having gastric band surgery. You will notice that if you had followed that diet prior to the surgery, you wouldn’t even need to go under the knife. What do you think will prevent you from overeating after the surgery? If your desire to eat large portions of food is in your mind, how would surgically altering your body solve your problem. Some people might say that having a surgery of this type would cause greater problems around food, not less.

A new tool has been developed to help overweight people lose weight. It involves taking the concept of what happens to a patient undergoing gastric band surgery and getting them in touch with how it would feel physically if they did. So many people who have used the virtual gastric band leave the office feeling a tightness in their stomach. It feels so real that they are reminded every time they eat that their “new” stomach just can’t hold the same unhealthy food they usually eat. But this is just one part of a healthy virtual gastric band program.

The real power of a program of this type is the way it changes your attitude toward food from the inside out. You will no longer eat for the emotional reasons that drove your relationship with food in the past. You start to release all those feelings that caused the bad behaviors of eating the wrong foods, eating too much, and eating at wrong times or in wrong places. And when you start to get in touch with your real physical hunger, you get in touch with how easy it is to reach a healthy weight that’s right for you.

When your ready to get serious about your weight loss efforts and really address the core reasons for being overweight in a healthy way, then call Marc at 212 223-1832 to find out how the virtual gastric band can help you reach your ideal weight, naturally.

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One Response to The Virtual Gastric Band – The New Weight Loss Tool

  1. Marc
    Excellent article and interview on CBS news recently on the Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for weight loss. I recently heard that obesity, and the impact it has on health, is one of the top two leading causes of death in the United States and that a significant amount of American’s are overweight.

    I like the Virtual Gastric Band method that Sheila Granger brought, through your assistance to myself and other practicioners in the United States. The behavioral interventions and hypnosis provide effectiveness that is more than the success I would have with my clients providing psychotherapy alone.

    I also remain impressed with yourself and the other virtual gastric band clinicians I met from around the country. The desire to be helpful and aid people was universal in the group. The excitement about having a proven, effective method to address weight, confidence, self-esteem and other factors was palpable.

    I am using theVirtual Gastric Band Hypnosis for weight loss in Rockland County, New York in my Pomona office. Clients are excited, I am excited. Thank you for all you have done. It is appreciated.

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